Live FX and Live FX Lite - description of Extras

Tile Wallpaper

Tile Wallpaper allows you to create stylish tiled wallpapers just like on a desktop computer - and even better:
- Wallpapers may have different size of tiles.
- Use up to 4 images to create wallpapers which can actually tell a story.
- Portrait and landscape photos will be combined together.
- Photos can be automatically cropped to fit screen.

Live FX updated to v2.1

What's New in version 2.1:
- Frame size is now adjustable. Create and save any custom frames combination (size, color) for quick reuse.
- Old signature from app versions <2.0 is back as "Quick Signature" option.
- Faster image processing on iPad.
- Fixed low-res landscape preview images on iPhone 4.
- Zoom blur center is now can be set more accurately.
- Text shadow in signature now corresponds to text color.

Live FX: How-to

Live FX for iPhone/iPod Touch allows you to easily create and apply thousands of unique photo effects in a new way of filter stacking/layering, using iPhone camera to preview all effect live. It has never been easier to share created filters between users - simply copy/paste a special code automatically generated for any combination of effects.

Camera Laugh

Camera Laugh creates laughter and puts smiles on faces. The app automatically generates caricature-like images from portraits.
Generated images are funny, laughable and impressive.

iRetouch 1.0 - Essential Photo Retouching Tools on Your iPhone

All essential image retouching tools are gathered in one app for iPhone/iPod Touch.